LeMaqPro Make Up Mixer
LeMaqPro Make Up Mixer
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Essential first step for a makeup of quality. The Make-up Mixer is suitable for all skin types and colors and is the most universal product: 1 product = 4 functions


As a MOISTURIZER: Make-up Mixer preps the skin before any pigmented products application and particularly our foundations, made from natural waxes.

As a THINNER: mixed with our foundations for example, it gives the product the exact coverage you want depending on how much make-up Mixer is put in the mixture. The more Make-up Mixer you put, the sheerer the make-up will be, like a light veil of color.

As a MIXING MEDIUM: If you want to create a color by mixing two or more existing colors, add a little make-up Mixer: the mixture is smooth and homogeneous.

As a MAKE-UP REMOVER: Make-up Mixer removes perfectly the make-up while rehydrating the skin

Manufacturer: LeMaqPro
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