Stagelight Cosmetics Sparkle Eye Powder
Stagelight Cosmetics Sparkle Eye Powder
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From the manufacturer:

Stagelight Cosmetics Sparkle Eye Powder adds depth and dimension to one's eyes, complements the eyes color, or simply draws attention to the eyes.

Manufacturer: Stagelight Makeup
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Member Reviews for Stagelight Cosmetics Sparkle Eye Powder
Review By Xtine on 2011-02-13 02:12:32
I bought their Silver Violets Sparkle Eye Powder because Stagelight was once so godly.

It's not mere nostalgia, I assure you: back in the 80s this stuff was better. The color was richer, it was more easily applied, and the pots it used to come in were at least twice the size. They'd last more than a year.

There is a lot of fallout, even when using a sponge-tip applicator. I'd recco holding a tissue beneath the eye during application.

I haven't tried building it yet, but one layer doesn't provide proper pigmentation. The color in the pot is *not* the color that resulted. Despite all this it does stay put; and while it provides an obvious glittering, it's neither cheesy nor gaudy.

I'm hoping I'll have a better experience when I try using another layer or two (sigh), a fingertip as an applicator - and a tissue under my eyes.
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