Ardell Runway Lashes
Ardell Runway Lashes

From the manufacturer:

Catch these lashes on fashion show runways worn by high fashion models to create and compliment dramatic and beautiful designer looks. Preferred by makeup artists and professionals who style these shows.

Manufacturer: Ardell
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Member Reviews for Ardell Runway Lashes
Review By dreamlearnrun on 2009-02-06 01:20:26
I absolutely love this brand of false eyelashes! I get asked to apply them more often than not. You are right they are reusable but you have to remember they should only be used & reused on the same person. Always sanitized! (I am a huge believer in sanitizing often & always!) I use eye makeup remover first to get off the glue & let them soak them in rubbing alcohol then rinse with antibacterial soap and water. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but it is worth it to avoid all the funking things floating out there that could seriously cause pain & damage to your eyes.

Also I never reused feather eyelashes - I don\'t believe there is anyway to thoroughly sanitize them and bring them back to there original shape
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